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About Hearing Loss

No longer thought of as an “Older Person’s Ailment”, hearing loss cuts across all age, ethnic, economic and educational lines. In fact, two-thirds of Americans with hearing loss are UNDER THE AGE OF 65.  Thanks to continuing breakthroughs in both the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss, more help is now available than ever before.

The common warnings signs that hearing loss may be present include an inability to understand conversations in noisy environments, asking people to repeat themselves and having to turn the volume up on a TV, radio or even a telephone in order to hear.

One in every ten Americans suffers from some type of hearing loss. In the greater Milwaukee area alone, that represents almost 200,000 people.  Statistics show that as many as ten years may pass between the first warning signs and the decision to find help. For most patients who wait, it is likely that their inability to understand clearly will worsen over time. That’s why it’s critical to find the most qualified help, as soon as any evidence of hearing loss exists.    When indicated, we will refer you for medical care and are happy to send written reports to your physician.

Doctors of Audiology

The audiologists of Hearing Services have a doctorate degree in audiology.  The eight-year doctoral education provides the academic background necessary to meet the increased challenges of examining and treating patients with hearing loss.   We are successfully improving the communication abilities of those with permanent hearing loss, as we now have literally hundreds of hearing aid options.